Thursday, February 1, 2007

Antarctica Journal day19 - February 1, 2007

The sun came out and it started snowing first thing this morning. We were all up at 5 waiting for the light - I think to support Steve in his rabid quest for more, more, more.

I was gonna wax poetic about whales but my computer's going bonkers! It won't delete pictures, it turns them upside down while I'm sleeping and photoshop's little rainbow goes whirling around then the program crashes. I think it is tired. So Dr. John and I have spent hours trying to help it heal itself but I don't think Mac is visualizing a healthy hard drive.

Today the Adelie penguins were sliding down the slopes of their rookery on their round little bellies and crashing into the sea. Yippee.

Jerome said they are monogamous. Sort of. They show up here at their home rocks in October, mate, have two fuzzy grey blob chicks, feed them regurgitated fish all summer, then everybody takes off for the open sea. They may or may not hang out together. Imagine this conversation: "Hey honey. Thanks for the hot date and the kids. If I don't get eaten I'll see ya next year at that little pile of poopy rocks we call home." So they swim around all winter and head for that little circle of stones come spring. Sounds like commercial fishing.

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