Monday, February 12, 2007

Antarctica Journal day29 - February 11, 2007

So there's not a lot of excitement when you are rockin' and rollin' at sea. The sky is gray, the water is gray. You try to go to the bathroom, kitchen, deck or salon it is a matter of crabbing along. One hand for the ship grab the table, slide, whack your elbow on the console, slip, start to slide, Bam! hit the bookcase.
Basically you sleep a lot.

Everyone, including Russ who is wolfing down chicken and rice, is doing better than the last crossing. We are under sail-no engine. We are averaging 8 knots in a 20 knot wind so the prospect is, at this rate, we will reach Stanley in 5 days. The wind is expected to change on the 14th to North NE and that is smack on our nose.

So I heard from my daughter Kye, and her partner Ben and they have a new puppy. I hope they really like him because if they bring him home from college we will have puppy soup.

Dee picked up a book called Berserk in the Antarctic. She's reading along and suddenly comes to this part where the author claims his party was the first to sail around the continent in 1999. Shoot! Jerome did that in the 70's.

There are a zillion awesome Antarctic books on board. I am a writer. This is research heaven. Expect something fun from here. Click on "Rough Passage" below to see what what we're up to...

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