Saturday, February 10, 2007

Antarctica Journal day28 - February 10, 2007

Midnight: I see blue water in all the starboard portals. We are making 10 knots flying the genoa, main and jib. Winds are SW at 27 knots and building. Seas 15 feet. I think we are going to take the short crossing and head for Cape Horn. The Screaming 50's are coming up. I 'm handling sails for Jerome. Steve will handle them for Leiv on his watch. Katee and Dee cooked enough food for the next 3 days. Haven't seen Russ since we cleared land yesterday.

10a.m.: Our window of opportunity faded when we lost the oil pump. We have been heeled to the last three hours while Jerome and Leiv (who has been on watch all night) build a new one. The seas are calm, wind 15 knots but that monster low is moving this way and the winds have shifted to the north. So I guess we go north.

I'm really looking forward to the shower I will take when we get to Stanley. It has been two weeks and I am starting to smell like Steve (who stole my blanket last night). He can't move from the couch in the salon or he will be down for the count. He shaved yesterday for his girlfriend Sunny and I think to celebrate the end of his rabid, foam at the mouth, swing from trees, penguin love affair, photo shoot. Now he is like a little ADD kid. He listens to the ipod, watches a movie, jumps up and sits down, looks at a picture book, fiddles with the ipod again. If he wasn't seasick now I'd be tempted to break out the scissors, glue sticks and construction paper.

I dreamed I got fleas from the penguins last night...

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