Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Antarctica Journal day31 - February 13, 2007

In the old days of whaling and sailing many a ballad or sea shanty was composed on the high seas. Some of America's great writers wrote shanty lyrics in their travels. Mark Twain, Jack London, John Steinbeck are only a few. Here is the ballad of our little adventure.

Toison d'Or

We have a broken captain
who keeps our broken boat
His oil pump's made of duct tape
it's keeping us a float

We're adrift in rough Drake Passage
not a tourist ship in sight
So let's write a ballad
to get us through the night

For the pride of the French
is a piece of their soul
No matter how the sea screams
no matter how cold

No wind no motor
no relief from our plight
No land no rescue
no ice cream in sight

We are doomed! Let's admit it
We all are going to die!
Says our sober grumpy captain,
with a wink of his eye.

But Katee has seen it all
She's cooking and frying
Stuffing, poking, steaming.
Only the engine is dying.

Leiv and Stevie Wonder
Trim all the sails
Tie off the lines
Puke over the rails

Today's main course is Buffalo
It smells a lot like sheep
Each time her pot takes a dive
Poor Katee starts to weep

And weep she should;
Cry bitter tears
Fattening the doomed
and serving them beers.

So here's to the chef
And here's to the crew
Here's to Drake Passage
and a compass so true

We'll find our way home
If it takes us a year
We may run out of water
But never the beer.

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