Friday, February 9, 2007

Antarctica Journal day27 - February 9, 2007

bad weather photoBad weather brewing...

Antarctica Test
1.There are no polar bears here True or False
2.The South Pole is:
a big stick b. a tan Polish dude c. the south end of an axis earth revolves around
3.The Antarctic is: 1. a frozen ocean surrounded by continents 2.a continent surrounded by oceans
4.Longitude is: a. underwear with a drop bottom b.a snake with attitude c. the lines humans use to divide and map the earth vertically and establish time zones
5. It is possible to go around the world in a few seconds if you are standing at the
pole because all longitude lines and all time zones end there True or False
6. Gondwana is a.banana soup b.Tarzan's elephant c. a southern super continent that existed 180 million years ago
7.Katabatic winds are a. when it blows cats b. when it blows bats c.winds caused by glaciers
8. There are 38 different kinds of penguins. None of them can fly. Or dance.
True or False

Weather Update
Hi Kye and Ben and Momma duck, Patrick and Ethel and Becky, Oggy, Betho, Sandy, Anna banana, Jojobean- aw heck Hi everyone!

You keep asking when I will be home. There may be a delay of up to a week due to weather. This should not affect my next school visits at all but may have me flying directly to Nevada from Santiago via L.A. So the answer is
a.I don't know
b.I'll let you know
c.It will all work out

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