Monday, January 8, 2007


I've decided to learn Spanish. The countdown is on and my south american airline has changed my itinerary at least a dozen times and with each change I get a totally confusing email in Spanish. I write back no habla espanol; then I get an even more confusing message because they no habla English.

I have doubles of everything: gloves, mitts, base layers, hats, fleece, wool, down, raingear, 20 below boots, rubber boots, hiking boots...My kit includes antibiotics, pain killers, seasickness stuff (I've never been seasick-I drive a boat for pete's sake but THEY say if you're gonna hurl it will be in Drake Passage.) I have sun glasses, sunscreen (big holes in the ozone in the southern hemisphere) lip balm and a really cute white feather boa my friend Karen made.

No, not a snake. It will help me look like a penguin. I have a fuzzy white hat to match and big red (the manufacturer called the color "tomato") boots that look like giant bird feet.

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