Thursday, January 25, 2007

Antarctica Journal day12 - January 25, 2007

We ran all night (really big swells nearly tossed me from my bunk) and when I woke up we were in fairyland. Blue ice everywhere and sleeping humpback whales. Betho (fellow whale detective in Hawaii) told me all the flukes down here would be white and so far…she's right! We watched them bubble net feeding all morning. It's funny, in Alaska they surface with their mouths wide drooling herring. But here the mouth is closed before they reach the surface-no dripping krill I guess. I went up the mast 2/3 of the way and shot down on whales. That was cool. Whales are the big deal but something else amazing happened today: STEVE TOOK A SHOWER!

Then there are the icebergs. Now that we are in Antarctica they are bigger and badder than anything else we've seen. We just climbed this weird mountain this afternoon that gave me the heebee jeebees. It was all loose scree and this penguin colony trooped up-dang near straight up-on rotten snow to the top. So of course we all followed them until my brain finally kicked in and said "STOP! Bad snow, bad angle and we weigh a lot more than penguins..." Just begging for a landslide or an avalanche - which ever comes first. Smoosh! Face plant!

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