Sunday, January 21, 2007

Antarctica Journal day8 - January 21, 2007

We are half way across Drake and will hit the convergence any time. That's where the Atlantic and Pacific meet. Jerome says we will know immediately because the temperature will drop and stay cold. We are all well now and have our sea legs. Everybody sleeps a lot. Last "night," just before the sun rose in the SOUTH, a huge comet came streaking across the sky. We eat muesli for breakfast. Chow is good. Books are even better. Jerome has introduced me to Joshua Slocum and HW Tillman, sailors and adventurers he admires.

Today I have to clean my bunk. Just like cleaning your room but smaller. It is a jumble of wires, chargers, lens covers, underwear, cups and jackets. My only complaint on this wondrous vessel is too dang hot. I'm the only one in a tank top and barefoot. Too bad I couldn't harness this heat when I was racing dogs.

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