Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Antarctica Journal day10 - January 23, 2007

I figured out this morning this boat is moving at the same speed as a fast dog team on a good trail. 630 kilometers in 5 and three quarter days. This is my first multi-day ocean crossing. It can be a bit uncomfortable and you get a bit stupid sleeping so much. Last night I was dreaming I saw a humpback fluke. Deeanna heard me yell, "Whale!" and jumped out of bed and ran up to the wheelhouse to see. Jerome was standing watch (actually sitting and watching a movie). She came back down and woke me up just for yucks.

Marzipan, Coconut, Espresso, Chocolate Brownies are the treat of the day.. The first batch was 2 inches thick on one side and burned on the other. But I am the only one who will bake (Let's face it-I'm the only one not barfing) so they get what I create. I'm thinking about cheddar cheese apple bars for tomorrow…

I just took my second shower in 9 days. Nice. Oh yeah-Angela-if you are checking this the hair cut rocks.

I'm reading the sailing/climbing adventures of HW Tillman and Joshua Slocum - the awesome writers, adventurers, and extreme sailors that I mentioned earlier. Those guys totally lived off their writing. It made their adventures possible. For any kids reading this, think about it. These guys did everything and got paid to write it all down. That's a sweet gig if there ever was!

I've learned a lot since we left Stanley. 1. It is impossible to get penguin guano off extra tuff boots 2. It's definitely do-able to sail around down here as long as you are scrupulous about the weather. 3. There are a lot fewer whales than I thought there would be (none so far)

The Shetland Islands rock! Black jagged teeth of rock, chinstrap penguins racing the boat and leopard seals, mouths agape. What a wonderdous deadly place.

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