Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Antarctica Journal day4 - January 17, 2007

Beaver Island, Falklands

Hello everyone! I spent the day beachcombing and trying to get a decent pix of a fox. They are sooo cute here. Look part fox and the other part bob cat. Becky you would love all these weirdo birds. And mom- the grass is turquoise and there are blue beach rocks! And there are reindeer and wild geese and no bugs. The only problem here on the Beav is the wind is blowing so hard it will knock you down and make you eat rocks!

There is a lot of road kill around (but no roads) - I found a fox skull, a caribou skull and a bunch of cool moldy orange lichen covered bones. The landscape looks like the Arctic with a pinch of Aleutians tossed in. Big sweeping panoramas of hills and rock rivers with the ocean next to it all. Birds wheeling around, screaming their heads off. Storm Petrel and Black Browed Albatross and South American terns. This is a wild place.

Okay. So the wind yesterday was nothing compared to now. I awoke at 5am and it was a screaming, moaning maniac. Leif and Dion climbed the mast and put lines at the top which were then anchored 30 feet out on each side of the boat to submerged boulders. The storm has steadily built. There is no rain. The sky is sunny and blue the wind is blowing 50 knots and gusting much higher.

Went over to watch Leif shear sheep. After lunch he will kill, then skin them and we will have meat for the trip south. I think of the stories Norman told me about eating what they caught: seals and whales.

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