Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Antarctica Journal day17 - January 30, 2007

Today was a learning experience. I'm putting a positive twist on it…Today was POOP DAY. We were eager to go ashore, maybe walk around. The farther south you get the less walk able land-it all seems to be covered with 300 feet of ice. So these little islands looked good until we clamored out of the Zodiac. The new rain mixed with the lovely pink penguin guano served up a stew of slick slime. The rocks were covered, the penguins were pink and soon so was I. YUCK! It was so bad Dee parked on the first rock she got out on and didn't move. So Leiv comes back to get Russ and puts the bow into the rocks just as this penguin is jumping out of the sea up onto a rock. Penguin lands in the boat. Keeps trying to stand up but for some reason the boat floor-aluminum- is too slick. Steve, as usual, gets the picture. Leiv throws the penguin overboard and I am left thinking the little dude just wanted to get away from the poop place and took his best shot.

Sad news. The Illy coffee is all gone, we have 3 more weeks and the only coffee on board is this disgusting Argentinean stuff that tastes like coal and used motor oil. Time to switch to tea. Also time to start looking for a place to plant Norman.

The icebergs grind against the boat all night. The brush ice with a soft swishing sound then a big one whacks us and you try and remember-was the Titanic made of steel? Here's a little movie to show you what I mean...

The trick for me is to find the poetry hidden in a thing. Like the 30 different descriptions the Eskimo has for snow. In the Southern Ocean they have frost smoke and frazil ice. Bergy bits and growlers. And my favorite: water sky. The dark reflection of open water in the pack ice on the underside of the clouds.

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