Sunday, January 28, 2007

Antarctica Journal day14 - January 27, 2007

Seals, penguins, mountains, icebergs. Mountains, seals, icebergs, penguins. Yeah yeah.

Just another day at the bottom of the world.
It's getting colder. We are way south now. Passed the Argentinean and Chilean bases today. Turns out these two neighboring countries are keeping up a longstanding tradition of despising one and other. "I'll build a big base." "Mine will be bigger!" "I'll paint my base red!" "I'll paint mine redder!" etc.
One newcomer-the adelie penguin with the cool blue circles around his eyes.

So turns out the little dudes look like they wear tuxedos for a reason. Long long time ago when this bottom of the world continent was still attached to Africa the penguins who weren't penguins yet could fly. They were skinnier too. But they still were real good swimmers. Then that little window of opportunity they were living in closed. And the earth cracked apart…again. So if they stayed the same they were homeless. Better to move on. See what happens. How we fit into the big scheme. And that is when they got the tuxedos.

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