Monday, January 22, 2007

Antarctica Journal day9 - January 22, 2007

Halfway across. Expected to land in the Shetland Islands in 24 hours. On the convergence the temperature dropped like a rock. Steve and I have been watching movies and I have been: dadadadadum BAKING! I made pumpkin scones but we didn't have any pumpkin so I used squash and raisins and coconut. Didn't have any baking soda either so they were flat orange triangular bread doodahs. This is a big old sailboat. It is a motor sailor, 65 feet, steel. Jerome once sailed around the world-5 years- on his other boat, Damien. I am humbled by his courage. People think I have gumption but he is the real deal. Lion hearted.

We have pulled the Genoa and are only flying the main. It's getting a bit rowdy after sunset. Does anyone know about the blue flash? At sunset, just as the sun drops below the horizon on a very clear day, if you are very lucky, you will see a blue. flash. In Hawaii and Key West I have seen a green flash. But tonight for a moment it was blue.

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