Saturday, January 20, 2007

Antarctica Journal day7 - January 20, 2007

We are in Drake Passage nearing the tip of South America. The main and Genoa are flying and we are averaging 8.1 knots heading Southeast. Good weather is expected for the next four days. The wind rough sea has gone. Now we contend with big rollers. Hard to imagine we will not see land for more than 3 days. We have 630 miles to sail before we reach the Antarctic Peninsula. While waiting for the wind to die we explored another one of Jerome's Islands. Did I mention he bought 14? This one has a crude sun bleached cabin on a knoll.

The island has guanacos. The critters that look like little camels with a touch of Llama tossed in the mix. We hiked all day trying to get close to one. The herd posts sentinels on the ridge tops and as soon as they see you they whinny. Sort of. Well it really sounds like they are gargling while they scream. Once I gave up trying to get close and just sat there they forgot about me and I got a great picture of one standing about 20 feet away. We saw a few pairs of Mage ante penguins waddling up and down the white sandy beach. It was sunny and about 40. There were fox and geese and albatross.

We ran all night and this morning Kathy beckoned me up to the wheelhouse. She was on watch and had spotted a huge iceberg where no icebergs are supposed to be. There is radar that sounds and it worked perfectly but I am sure from now on there will be nine sets of eyes searching for those deadly gray bergs.

Oh yeah. Did I mention the poop? The islands we visited were WILD. There are few places left on planet earth that can make a similar claim. Hiking around I was amazed to see so much poop. But then there were tons of animals. Did it used to be like this all over the world before hunter man arrived?

P.S. Could be the iceberg is a cruise ship. A giant just passed us coming from where the berg was.

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