Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September 11 Oahu near Makaha
(look it up!)

I have had a great summer and am looking forward to hitting the road and visiting schools but first I have to write! That's why I am on this island dogsitting for a friend and finishing 3 books. If you are a serious writer (and I assume if you are reading this you are) then you have to make time for it and practice...yeah just like piano or surfing. So when I am in writing mode I work about 5 hours a day on my projects. Here in Hawaii I try and work for a couple hours before dawn-say 5-7 then I get up, do the doggy chores (I am taking care of 3 really old guy dogs and 1 fiesty female named Nellie.) After that I take a run while it is still cool enough, then a dip in the ocean then home for doggy breakfast, birdy breakfast and my breakfast then I settle down to write during the hottest part of the day inside.

I have 6 projects going, all in different stages. Two are final drafts, 1 is the first of a series, 1 is just an idea with notes and pictures, 1 is a memoir, 1 is a journal and the last is a picture book. I try and work on couple every day. Last year I wrote a book on Hawaii while I was in Alaska. Now I'm writing a book on Antarctica while I am in Hawaii. Weird.

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