Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sept 16 2007
Each morning I take Nellie and Bingo for an early walk-up H1- a main
highway. on the west side of the island. I carry a trash bag with me.
It is full in the first block--styrofoam, slurpy cups, beer bottles,
fast food containers etc. etc. I dump it in a can in the park and
fill it again. As we cross the little white bridge on the mauka
(mountain) side of the road I check to see what has been thrown in
the stream over night. One morning it was a dead pig-not a pretty
site in the tropics, today it is office furniture, a couch, cushions,
tarps and tires. The dump is only three miles away but every morning
there is something new and disgusting.

One of the main environmental threats in the islands are the feral
pigs (not to mention the mongoose and rats). These wild pigs destroy
habitat, nesting birds, native plants
. But these other wild pigs-the
ones who empty their trucks in the darkness-they are trashing
paradise. Once again I find myself appalled by my species, angry and
hurt by the thoughtless sloth.

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